Residential Lock Changes in Portland, OR

If you’re in need of a locksmith and are located in or near the Portland Oregon or Vancouver, WA areas, contact our team here at Alohomora for fast friendly service. Our expertly trained technicians are able to respond to your request immediately and with our mobile van locksmith service, we can come to your home and install a new lock quickly and safely.

Oregon Locksmith Service Area

We Can Install Any type of lock

The need to change the locks on your home can result from any number of issues including a break-in, purchasing a new home, having new tenants, adding an extra deadbolt for security, or simply from wear and tear. If you need help with choosing and installing the correct lock for your home, please reach out ot us here at Alohomora Locksmith & Garage Door. Our team will ask the right questions and help you decide on the right lock for your home.  Our experienced technicians provide a precise and careful installation process that insures your lock is installed correctly and protects your home.  We can come to your home and install the best lock for your needs today!



Our technicians pride themselves in being the most trusted residential locksmith within the Portland Oregon Area.