Commercial Lock Rekeyingin Portland, OR

If you’re in need of a locksmith and are located in or near the Portland Oregon or Vancouver, WA areas, contact our team here at Alohomora for fast friendly service. Our expertly trained technicians are able to respond to your request immediately and with our mobile van locksmith service, we can install, repair or replace any keyless entry system quickly and safely.

Oregon Locksmith Service Area

We Can Rekey any commercial door

Requiring your business’ locks to change in typically an immediate need and rekeying your business locks becomes our top priority. By rekeying a lock, the inner workings of the mechanism are reconfigured so that any existing keys will no longer be able to open it. The lock is then rekeyed to only be opened with a different key from that point forward. Commercial Lock Rekey does not involve replacing any of the hardware; instead, it is just the internal part of the lock that is altered to accept or reject a key.

Alohomora Locksmith & Garage Door can handle all of your commercial security needs, from minor repairs to Commercial Lock Rekeying. Our experienced locksmiths can quickly rekey any lock system and generate master key systems. We use professional-grade equipment that enables our technicians to accurately and quickly offer Commercial Lock Rekey services for any lock brand. Give us a call today for fast, friendly service.