Residential Biometric Locks in Portland, OR

If you’re in need of a locksmith and are located in or near the Portland Oregon or Vancouver, WA areas, contact our team here at Alohomora for fast friendly service. Our expertly trained technicians are able to respond to your request immediately and with our mobile van locksmith service, we can come to your home and install a biometric lock quickly and safely.

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We Install Biometric Locks

Biometric Locks are a more secure form of entry than physical keys, key cards, or PINs. Unlike a physical key, which can be misplaced or used by anyone, your fingerprint is unique to you and a highly secure form of locking or unlocking the door. Biometric locks ensure that only you have access to whatever door you choose to put it on and this may be the right time to get one installed.

Thanks to recent high-tech advancements in security trends, biometric locks have become increasingly popular to use at a primary residence or even a vacation home. With many years of experience, Alohomora Locksmith & Garage Door offers unparalleled custom biometric control access systems for any type of residential property. Let us help you make your premises more secure with a cutting-edge biometric lock!



Our technicians pride themselves in being the most trusted residential locksmith within the Portland Oregon Area.