Residential Lock Rekeying in Portland, OR

If you’re in need of a locksmith and are located in or near the Portland Oregon or Vancouver, WA areas, contact our team here at Alohomora for fast friendly service. Our expertly trained technicians are able to respond to your request immediately and with our mobile van locksmith service, we can come to your home and rekey your locks quickly and safely.

Oregon Locksmith Service Area

We Can Rekey any type of Lock

Are you searching for a residential lock rekeying service? Alohomora Locksmith & Garage Door offers a range of services, including rekeying any type of lock within your home, an entry door or even a garage door. If your lock is in good working order but you simply do not have a key for the door, it may be possible to rekey the lock rather than replacing your door’s hardware. 

To rekey a lock we change the interior pin combination of the cylinder, ensuring that only one unique key can unlock it. By swapping the pins the previous keys will be rendered useless, and only the new ones tailored to fit the lock can unlock your doors. Rekeying can be a money-saving solution and much easier than replacing all your hardware.  Contact us today to speak with a lock professional who can answer all your questions. 



Our technicians pride themselves in being the most trusted residential locksmith within the Portland Oregon Area.