Commercial Door Closers in Portland, OR

If you’re in need of a locksmith and are located in or near the Portland Oregon or Vancouver, WA areas, contact our team here at Alohomora for fast friendly service. Our expertly trained technicians are able to repair, replace, or install a door closer to any type of door. With our mobile locksmith service, we can come to your location and address your issue quickly. 

Oregon Locksmith Service Area

We Can Install & Repair Any Type Of Door Closer

A door closer is a mechanical device that closes a door in a controlled manner, preventing it from slamming. It provides a safety element to any door that has one installed as is often a code requirement.  Alohomora’s experienced service technicians are available to repair or install any type of door closer in the Portland area.

Our technicians understand the best type of door closer for each type of door. We can quickly assess your needs and explain the options that fit your situation. 

We are available immediately for an emergency or we can set a future appointment to accommodate your schedule. When you call us you will be greeted by a professional who can answer your questions and dispatch a locksmith to your location right away.  Give us a call today for fast, friendly service.